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A couple cool spots in Chinatown. I LOVE that I live next door :)

Needed a pick me up yesterday. I love exploring Chinatown and finding those hidden gems.

The first thing I noticed was this awesome cart! It’s called “Yao’s Dragon Beard”. Intriguing…

The genteleman behind the cart was pulling a hot glucose/corn syrup mixture. He was pulling it until it started to form thin, hairlike strands. To stop the strands from sticking he would press it into rice flour..cool… he then breaks off 2 inch pieces, places it in the palm of his hand and sprinkles in some coconut and crushed peanuts, then rolls it up. What an awesome little treat! Its like eating a cloud. So light! I would recommend putting it all in your mouth at once, let it melt and then eat the coconut and peanuts at the end. yummy.

After my beard candy I made my way over to one of my favorite little bakeries New Wing Wah Bakery INC. This place is always packed and has the best steamed buns! I love the black and red bean. :) There are also savory options like sausage and pork and vegetable. Each bag costs around $4.00. There are also other treats in this store like lotus seed pie, black bean pie, preserved egg crisp..if your feeling adventurous etc.

Last but not least I had myself some bubble milk black tea across the street at Quickly. The tapioca balls inside were so satisfying and the black tea flavor was perfect!

Every spot on this little food crawl is on the same block, Grand st btwn Bowery and Chrystie. If you just so happen to be in Manhattans Chinatown I would highly recommend stopping in.