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My Chicago trip

Just got back from Chicago last night. Had the best time! What an awesome town with excellent food and great people.

Here are some of my fave spots and fave dishes from the trip:

Grahamwich: Reuben, parmesan popcorn, grilled cheese

Glazed and Infused Donuts: These donuts can be found at Grahamwich

Maple Bacon Long John:

Oatmeal Raisin Cookie

BirchwoodKitchen: Croque Madame

 Meatloaf sandwich

Girl and the Goat:

Loved the vegetables!

Sauteed green beans with fish sauce vinaigrette and cashews, roasted cauliflower with pickles peppers, mint and pine nuts and shishito peppers

Pig face: This name and dish is brilliant.

Big StarGreat place for excellent tacos, beer and chatting with the locals.

Chips and guacamole:

Taco De Pascado

Tacos el pastor:

Tacos de panza:

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Just got back from lunch!!! I’m in a Korean food coma…and it’s so good!

Just got back from Koreatown in Manhattan. I always have so much fun there…trying out new restaurants and exploring new bakeries.

Decided to check out Kun Jip. It was packed (which is always a good sign) and the food looked ridiculously delicious.

Sat down and was immediately brought an assortment of kimchi, seaweed salads, fried tofu, sweet and sticky dried squid and some hot tea. 

For lunch…

Bibimbap: a signature Korean dish. The word literally means “mixed rice” It is a bowl of warm white sticky rice toped with veggies, sliced beef, a raw egg yolk, and chili paste. You are supposed to stir it all together. Best part of this dish..the rice that gets crispy and crunchy on the bottom;) DO NOT FORGET ABOUT ALL THAT GOODNESS!

Japchae: Sweet potato noodles served with sliced beef and sauteed vegetables. The noodles have the coolest consistency which makes it so much fun to eat!

Jumped into a bakery that was a couple doors down from the restaurant…Tous Les Jours

ha ha! Check out this hot dog pastry…brings a smile to my face.

Everything in this bakery was so fresh! Check out these donuts!

That concludes my little food adventure for the day…till next time!