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King’s Noodle Restaurant in Toronto’s Chinatown…#happiness!

Ok, so I have been going to this restaurant since I was a little one. I am visiting Toronto for the weekend, so whenever I am home I always try to get this spot in.

King’s Noodle Restaurant is a Cantonese restaurant. It is always packed! Food moving and grooving all around you…wontons being boiled, rice noodles being steamed and rolled, Chinese donuts being fried, bbq whole pigs and ducks making their way through the dining room to the front window where they are beautifully displayed and carved to order;)

I love this place! I love the smells, the colors the energy and most importantly…the food.

I ordered up some the classics…wonton noodle soup with egg noodles, Chinese donuts, broccoli with oyster sauce, and some bbq duck over some steamed white rice. Just as a side note…the congee looked great and was another popular dish being served at this restaurant (p.s. the chinese donuts are meant to be dipped into the congee..cool!)

Wonton noodle soup

Chinese donuts

Chinese donuts cut up and ready to eat.

BBQ duck over steamed white rice

Chinese broccoli with oyster sauce

After stuffing face we took a stroll through Chinatown and then to Kensington, probably one of my favorite neighborhoods in the city. Saw some incredible Vietnamese Banh-mi shops right beside the restaurant…I need to head back soon…very soon!

A couple cool spots in Chinatown. I LOVE that I live next door :)

Needed a pick me up yesterday. I love exploring Chinatown and finding those hidden gems.

The first thing I noticed was this awesome cart! It’s called “Yao’s Dragon Beard”. Intriguing…

The genteleman behind the cart was pulling a hot glucose/corn syrup mixture. He was pulling it until it started to form thin, hairlike strands. To stop the strands from sticking he would press it into rice flour..cool… he then breaks off 2 inch pieces, places it in the palm of his hand and sprinkles in some coconut and crushed peanuts, then rolls it up. What an awesome little treat! Its like eating a cloud. So light! I would recommend putting it all in your mouth at once, let it melt and then eat the coconut and peanuts at the end. yummy.

After my beard candy I made my way over to one of my favorite little bakeries New Wing Wah Bakery INC. This place is always packed and has the best steamed buns! I love the black and red bean. :) There are also savory options like sausage and pork and vegetable. Each bag costs around $4.00. There are also other treats in this store like lotus seed pie, black bean pie, preserved egg crisp..if your feeling adventurous etc.

Last but not least I had myself some bubble milk black tea across the street at Quickly. The tapioca balls inside were so satisfying and the black tea flavor was perfect!

Every spot on this little food crawl is on the same block, Grand st btwn Bowery and Chrystie. If you just so happen to be in Manhattans Chinatown I would highly recommend stopping in.

New Malaysia in Chinatown

Just finished lunch and had to blog about it right away. Fantastic!

Went to New Malaysia. A small Malaysian eatery in the middle of Chinatown, Manhattan. I love how it is hidden in a little alley. My kind of spot! Ordered roti cinai (cause its my fave!) Belacan fried anchovies (ikan Bilis) and Asam stingray in Banana leaf, no Malaysian meal is complete without some stingray.

Roti Cinai: is a type of Indian-influenced flatbread found in Malaysia and Indonesia. Served with a curry sauce. 

Belacan fried anchovies: These shrimp paste (belacan means shrimp paste) covered anchovies came crispy, crunchy and extremely salty! The anchovies were then sauteed with some sliced onions and served just like that. This dish is what is eaten in Malaysia while drinking beer. I guess fried anchovies in Malaysia are what pretzels are in America ;0

Asam stingray in banana leaf: the stingray is covered with a sauce made of tamarind juice, garlic, shallots, ginger, lemongrass, dried chilis, dried shrimp paste (belacan) and chili paste. Wrapped in a banana leaf and grilled on hot charcoal. Served this with fresh lime and some sliced onions. ugh!!! One of my favorite dishes!! Ate it with some coconut rice. Happiness! 

Hot Pot in Chinatown….LOVED

Had Hot Pot for the first time last night..so much fun! We went to a spot called Grand Sichuan. Go with a bunch of your friends and just order a variety of goodies for the table. Please try at least one crazy ingredient. Ours was tripe..delicious!

Some of the dishes..shiitake, tripe and tofu skins

We each got our own little bowl and put in a little bit of the garlic oil and fermented tofu paste. Then we mixed in a bit of each broth. One being very mild and the other having Sichuan and chili peppers infusing into it (this means spicy!!).

After putting together a little broth for yourself, we then placed in the protiens and some of the veg into the boiling broth in the middle of the table.

Once cooked, take it out and eat it in your broth. You keep doing this until all the ingredients are done and then you drink your broth.

It was a lot of fun and really delicious! My favorites were the tofu skin, pea shoots and the sliced lamb. Yum!

San Francisco food crawl!

Here is what went down on my very first day in San Francisco

Walked into this incredible Middle Eastern store on my way to Tartine:
The gentleman that owns this store is from Palestine and he carries goods from all over the Middle East. Check it out! Fresh dates and fresh figs.

There where beautiful hookahs and artifacts all over the store. The spice blends where awesome!

He carried 3 different kinds of Za’atar!!  Palestinian, Syrian, and Lebanese. How cool! Some varieties may add savory, cumin, coriander or fennel seed. One distinctively Palestinian variation of za’atar includes caraway seeds, while a Lebanese variety sometimes contains sumac berries, and has a distinct dark red color.

Date and rose ice cream!

Halva, The primary ingredients in this confection are sesame seeds or paste (tahini), and sugar, glucose or honey.

Made our way to Tartine and got the Mixed Berry Brioche Bread pudding..;) and the Pain au Jambon, a ham and gruyere cheese croissant..this one took the cake for me. Have not had such a delectable croissant in a long time.

Eden excited about being in Tartine..ha! so sad!

Started walking to Chinatown and came across Swans Oyster Depot…COULD NOT PASS THIS UP!

Got a dozen oysters, seafood cocktail and beers. Loved that they served Boudin sourdough. This bread was GOOD!  A little butter sprinkle of salt..delicious!

Chinatown was incredible!

There was this bakery called Golden Gate fortune cookies. It smelt so yummy and sweet in there. The freshly made cookies were coming out of a machine and the women were placing the fortune inside and folding them over. They placed them into these little molds and remove them once they cooled down and hardened.

Stumbled into a little teahouse by accident where the owner was feeding us cup after cup of teas from China that have different health benefits.  One was even a baby making tea..ha ha! For anyone struggling to have a baby…head to Vital Tea-leaf.

He was totally playing around with us, at one point he made every man in the room stand up and salute him, making them promise to treat their women like Queens. I like this guy!

Got ourselves some Sichuan noodles served with a peanut and chili sauce after at Z&Y restaurant..really good.

By this point the food consumption of the day was getting a little intense, so headed to the SFMoma and saw DearHoof perform.. What a day! It was awesome!

I love San Francisco!
First day down..3 more to go! Yeeha!