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King’s Noodle Restaurant in Toronto’s Chinatown…#happiness!

Ok, so I have been going to this restaurant since I was a little one. I am visiting Toronto for the weekend, so whenever I am home I always try to get this spot in.

King’s Noodle Restaurant is a Cantonese restaurant. It is always packed! Food moving and grooving all around you…wontons being boiled, rice noodles being steamed and rolled, Chinese donuts being fried, bbq whole pigs and ducks making their way through the dining room to the front window where they are beautifully displayed and carved to order;)

I love this place! I love the smells, the colors the energy and most importantly…the food.

I ordered up some the classics…wonton noodle soup with egg noodles, Chinese donuts, broccoli with oyster sauce, and some bbq duck over some steamed white rice. Just as a side note…the congee looked great and was another popular dish being served at this restaurant (p.s. the chinese donuts are meant to be dipped into the congee..cool!)

Wonton noodle soup

Chinese donuts

Chinese donuts cut up and ready to eat.

BBQ duck over steamed white rice

Chinese broccoli with oyster sauce

After stuffing face we took a stroll through Chinatown and then to Kensington, probably one of my favorite neighborhoods in the city. Saw some incredible Vietnamese Banh-mi shops right beside the restaurant…I need to head back soon…very soon!

My Day In Toronto

So, I haven’t been to Toronto in a very long time but every time I do I feel like I am discovering the city all over again. There are cool new restaurants and bars popping up all the time. I also love discovering the spots that have been around for years.

I found this incredible new blog called Blog To. http://www.blogto.com/ It is my new obsession. I decided I was in the mood for some roti yesterday. That led me to the best roti in Toronto page. Number 1 was Gandhi Roti.

I trekked downtown with my best friend and waited patiently for out butter chicken roti and spinach paneer roti to be assembled while we got a table and ordered out raita and mango lassi.


Mango Lassi

These rotis were out of control! And not to mention HUGE! You can share 1 between 2 for lunch and spend $4 bucks each..what a deal! The roti was so soft and fresh, they were rolling them out right behind the counter. I love made to order. We ordered the mild, which was definitely hotter than we expected, but I like it like that.;) There are many vegetarian and meat options.


After our fantastic lunch we needed some sweetness. We headed to Venezia bakery on Ossington, for some delicious Portuguese custard tarts (Pastel de nata). Never had these before. Surprised and moved me. The tart was so flaky, buttery and had a great crunch to it. The custard itself was creamy, light and not too sweet. The custard inside was also a little chilled, which was a nice surprise. It did not feel heavy at all. The women that worked there were so friendly and were more than thrilled to answer any questions. We also ordered the coconut custard tart. The crust was the same as the traditional custard tart and the inside was stuffed with obscene amounts of coconut and creamy, eggy custard. So good!

Pastel de nata: Portuguese custard tart

Coconut custard tart:

Check out the bottom of this tart…it is so flaky! Look at all the layers!

Ladies hard at work:

Eden enjoying life..