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The 3 B’s…Baron, Bronx and Bangladeshi

I am still in a food coma…seriously, there was no stopping me last night. I was on a mission…a mission to stuff myself silly. 

Went to the Bronx last night to meet up with Baron Ambrosia. He took to me to one of his fave spots. Neerob, a casual Bangladeshi restaurant that serves up home cooked, authentic Bangladeshi food.

Baron and the owner are good buddies, so the second we sat down the food just came flying out.

Pakora plate: It had eggplant, chili and potato pakoras

Black Chana (chickpea) and lentil pakoras:

Goat biryani:

Mixed grilled platter:

A cool shot of our table. 

For dessert: Gulab Jamun

and Jalebi

There was an incredible buffet set up in the front. The food looked so fresh and hot.

Overall food experience was awesome! Definitely something fun to do with a group of friends. You want a big group of people there so that you can sample more dishes :) Plus, you all get to try something new together.

There are not that many Bangladeshi restaurants out there…so right this name down NEEROB and make your way to the Bronx. xx

Cooking Channel Summer Eats pop-ups

I am so there!

You all have to come and check it out! It’s an awesome excuse to play outside, eat great food and meet some fun new characters. Baron Ambrosia, G. Garvin and myself (Eden from Eden Eats) will be hanging out, eating and having a great time.


If you cant make it to Brooklyn this Saturday, there will be more pop-up fun in some other great cities.


Hope to see you there! xxox