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After finishing up my snacks and saying goodbye to the girls at Glorias, I  needed something sweet. So I went on a little stroll and discovered one of the busiest store fronts on the block, Trinidad Golden Place! The second I walked in I realized what a gem I had found and couldn’t help but freak out a little (I tend to do that from time to time). I jumped at the chance to grab the attention of my new friend standing behind the counter, who just so happened to be the owner’s son Brian (this man is awesome and will recommend the best of the best for you). First we got a sample of the Currant Roll, which is simply puff pastry rolled up with what tasted like currants, sugar, cinnamon and vanilla. Then we got a sample of their Coconut Roll….WOW! This one took the cake for me….unbelievable! I am a sucker for anything with coconut and this roll has a really strong coconut flavor to it - I just couldn’t have enough. It has the same base as the currant roll, just substitute the currants with sweetened coconut.

We also got a chance to sample kurmar. Kurmar is a snack that is sold year round. It was flying off the shelves when I got there, so I figured I had to try some. Kurmar is a dough made from flour, shortening, butter, cinnamon and dried ginger combined with a little bit of water. Once this dough is formed into a ball, it is rolled out very thin and cut into long strips. Each strip is cut into thirds and then deep fried. Once the strips are puffed and golden, they are coated with a simple syrup infused with fresh ginger. Crunchy, sweet and totally addictive! I can see why these puppies are flying off the shelf.

p.s. got to go in the back and spy on everyone!! it was awesome!! this is definitely a place to check out!!

p.p.s. there are a variety of chinese dishes to be enjoyed here that I hear are great! There is a large Chinese community in Trinidad. Also, there is a large Indian community in Trinidad, hence the curried chickpea filling in the doubles. :)